Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Alicia Kokemor Rossow: Mother of Twins

Alicia Kokemor Rossow is a licensed speech and language pathologist who lives and works in Round Rock, Texas. She is the owner of Advanced Pediatric Therapy, where she treats young people with speech and communication difficulties.

She is a Hanen Certified Parent Trainer, and a Certified Therapist in the Hanen It Takes Two to Talk program. She is a Certified Aural Habilitation Specialist and has been since 1992. Alicia KokemorRossow is a Fast ForWord Certified Administrator, and since 2012 has been a Certified Myofunctional specialist.

But the pride and joy of her life right now are her two thirteen-year-old daughters, teenagers who were born in late September, 2000. Alicia Kokemor Rossow says she feels blessed to have the two girls in her life, and that watching them grow up into beautiful young ladies has been her greatest pleasure over the last thirteen years. She is confident that they will have something positive to contribute to the world. The three enjoy traveling and visiting historical buildings and sites together. They also like to run and ride their bikes together.

Alicia Kokemor Rossow says that she is fortunate that her work experience has allowed her to become skilled in many areas. She has been a member of the Parent Teachers Association since 2008, and was a PTA officer from 2008 to 2011. She also enjoys volunteering at her daughters' school, and watching them participate on the school basketball and track teams.

Alicia Kokemor Rossow attended the University of Texas at Austin, and received her Master of Arts degree in 1992.

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