Thursday, 4 December 2014

Alicia Kokemor Rossow: Pathology Care for Pediatric Autism

Alicia Kokemor is a licensed speech-language pathologist and the owner of Advanced Pediatric Therapy in Round Rock, TX.. Her private practice treats children with Autism, Down's Syndrome, Fluency, Articulation and Language disorders. Alicia Kokemor Rossow's office contributes to the community by offering sliding-scale fees to family's of limited means. Many times people without the financial ability to find treatment fall through the cracks. She believes it's the duty of those in medicine to help those less fortunate.

According to Alicia Kokemor Rossow, children with autism usually have major problems with both speech and nonverbal communication. Many times they suffer, because they have a very hard interacting socially. For these reasons, many parents bring their children to Alicia Kokemor Rossow's practice for speech therapy. It's an important aspect in the of treatment for autism. Speech therapy can address a wide range of communication problems for people with autism.

Alicia Kokemor Rossow received her Master's of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin. She holds a license to practice through the state of Texas. Alicia Kokemor Rossow stays very involved with organizations in here field and is member of the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and received her Certificate of Clinical Competence in 1992. She then began working with children and
adults. After several years, Alicia Kokemor Rossow decided the pediatric population brought her the greatest satisfaction and dedicated her career to helping improve their lives.

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