Monday, 14 July 2014

Alicia Kokemor Rossow: Devoted Professional and Mother

Alicia Kokemor Rossow loves working with children. She has spent a large portion of her life helping children of all ages overcome their speech and language impairments while raising twin daughters of her own. She is devoted to her patients, getting continuing her education and receiving new training in order to be sure she is serving clients to the best of her ability and using the newest research and training methods available. Meanwhile, Alicia Kokemor Rossow also serves on the Parent Teacher Association at her daughters’ school and supports the school’s sports teams by volunteering for fundraisers. Both of her daughters are active in sports, playing basketball and participating on the track team at their middle school.

Alicia Kokemor Rossow’s practice, Advanced Pediatric Therapy, serves children of all ages, from 14 months up to 17 years old. They offer help for children with autism, Down syndrome, and a host of fluency, articulation, and language disorders. Therapists meet with patients in one-on-one intensive sessions, using the most up-to-date methods and ensuring that the parents are kept informed and involved in the speech therapy process.

The therapists at Advanced Pediatric Therapy follow Alicia Kokemor Rossow in seeking to provide patients with the best care possible. Continuing education for therapists far exceeds the expectations and requirements of the American Speech and Hearing Association every year. Furthermore, the practice has a sliding scale in effect to determine fees for patients and families who are living on a restricted income. Alicia Kokemor Rossow believes that every child has the right to quality speech therapy services.

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