Monday, 5 January 2015

Alicia Kokemor Rossow - Treating Speech Disorders

Alicia Kokemor Rossow owns Advanced Pediatric Therapy, located in Round Rock, Texas. She is a licensed speech and language pathologist that treats children with Autism, Down's syndrome, Fluency, Articulation, and language disorders.

Alicia Kokemor Rossow belongs to the American Speech and Hearing Association. She is very passionate about her work and says it's very rewarding. She says there is a difference between a speech disorder and a language disorder. A child with a speech disorders cannot produce speech sounds correctly, or they may have an issue with their voice. Whereas a child with a language disorder has trouble understanding other people, or difficulty communicating, sharing ideas, feelings and thoughts.
According to Alicia Kokemor Rossow, there are over forty million Americans with some kind of communication disorder.  Unfortunately only five percent of communication problems are identified by the time a child enters grade school. It's usually through a complete language assessment that a the problem is found and diagnosed. The issue can then be treated by a speech therapist.

Alicia Kokemor Rossow offers children from ages fourteen months until the age of eighteen intensive, speech therapy. Her practice, Advanced Pediatric Therapy is unlike large companies, because the therapists help clients with financial limitations and offer reduce cost assistance if a family is uninsured, or is unable to afford standard industry charges. Alicia Kokemor Rossow says that it's very important for parents to be involved in the process as much as possible to provide the best outcome.

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